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North Hollywood Chiropractor Dr. Ed Simon

“I don’t think I’d heard the word ‘chiropractic’ until I was about 18 years old.”

North Hollywood Chiropractor, Dr. Ed Simon

North Hollywood Chiropractor, Dr. Ed Simon

It was at a family gathering and my Cousin Stu was raving about what a chiropractor was doing for him following injuries from a car accident. The thing I remember most was the grief the rest of the family was giving him. The volume of conversation grew even louder than usual, as even my own parents told him he was crazy for visiting a chiropractor. “What is a chiropractor?” I asked Cousin Stu later.

A Life Changing Moment

The explanation he gave me blew my mind and changed my life. He explained that the spine could affect the function of the nervous system and malpositioned vertebrae could harm a person’s health. A chiropractor corrects these “subluxations” by hand with what’s called an adjustment. People were taking drugs and getting surgeries when the source of the problem could be a simple mechanical one.

Well, here I am over 30 years later with 25 years of private practice behind me. Cousin Stu is still one of my regular patients. I love not only helping people but also in explaining that concept that health comes from within the body and that the chiropractors’ job is simply to help the nervous system express itself through a healthy spine.

With Cousin Stu, my first patient and longest term patient.

With Cousin Stu, my first patient and longest term patient.

Of course before making my decision to become chiropractor I did a lot of investigative work. In a nutshell, I learned that chiropractic patients frequently “swore by their chiropractor” and that chiropractors loved what they did. The chiropractic profession was growing and enthusiastic about the future.

Dr. Morris Sass, one of my mentors told me that if he had to live life over again 100 times, he would choose to be a chiropractor in each of them.

After obtaining a degree in Liberal Arts from The State University of New York at Farmingdale I was accepted and enrolled at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in Glendale. Moving to California was very exciting in itself but starting school was an incredible rush. It was a great experience meeting, growing and bonding with a relatively small group of classmates with the shared goal of becoming the best skilled chiropractor possible.

Of course the learning never ends. I enjoy taking seminars, keeping up on the latest research findings and treatment innovations. I believe in sharing my experience with other doctors. I am credentialed by three different chiropractic colleges as an extended faculty member. I am the only chiropractor ever invited to speak at the UCLA Department of Neurology on the subject of research and chiropractic spinal manipulation.

My Philosophy

Chiropractic, unlike medicine, can make a healthy person healthier. Think about it, if you give medicine to healthy person, chances are good that eventually that medicine will make that healthy person sick. Chiropractic fits more into the category of “healthy habits” such as exercise, hydration, adequate sleep, sound nutrition and a healthy mental outlook. In other words, we operate our clinic under that assumption that a visit will contribute to your wellness and make a healthy person even healthier.

Myself and my wife Marla, Alyssa is 20, Sammy is 15 and Emily is 13

Myself and my wife Marla, Alyssa is 20, Sammy is 15 and Emily is 13

Like all healthy habits, each individual must decide for themselves how deep their commitment to their health potential is. While we can recommend what we think would be best for your situation, we respect your opinion about how much of a priority your chiropractic care and your health will be. Without pressure, we respect your decisions about just how much benefit is right for you.

A Chiropractic Family

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to myself and my family. My wife Marla is a registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience. My three beautiful daughters stay in great shape playing club soccer. We don’t consider ourselves “health nuts” but we are grateful that our health habits and good fortune allow us to swim, run, bike, hike and enjoy many other outdoor activities together.

Since considering a career in chiropractic I have taken the advice of one of my early chiropractors and received preventive chiropractic spinal adjustments, at least once per month for the last 30 years! And ready for this…in 25 years of practice I have not missed one day of practice due to illness and I have missed only two days of practice due to injury!

Our entire family enjoys an active lifestyle thanks to regular chiropractic care.

Our entire family enjoys an active lifestyle thanks to regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is part of a healthy lifestyle. If spinal stress affects the nerve impulses traveling between your brain and body, function can be impacted in many ways. It’s been shown that people who visit the chiropractor have less medical expenses, need less prescription medicine and spend less time in the hospital. Chiropractic research continues to document the relationship between a healthy spine, healthy nervous system function and a person’s maximum health potential.

If you are familiar with chiropractic care I am confident you will be impressed by my “hands on technique”. If chiropractic is new to you, get ready to experience an improved level of wellness that includes less pain, easier movement, more energy, deeper levels of relaxation and greater mental focus. There is no limit to what you can expect when your nervous system operates at peak efficiency.

Take the next step and see for yourself. We won’t be medicating you and the improvement you will experience will be for real. Contact us and let’s talk about your health goals and what chiropractic care can do for you!

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